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Alsip Bankruptcy Lawyer. Chapter 7 Special - Only 3 Payments of $425 including court costs and credit report.

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Top Reasons to Hire Gleason and Gleason as Your Alsip, Illinois Bankruptcy Lawyer

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Our Alsip, Illinois area bankruptcy lawyers will file your case as quickly as possible.  We understand you are being harassed by creditors, being sued or garnished.  It is our mission to stop this as soon as possible.  We also understand how stressful your situation is and treat you in a friendly and professional way. Over 60% of our new clients were referred by a friend or family member who had a successful case with our Alsip, Illinois Bankruptcy Attorneys.


Our flat fee chapter 7 works with most budgets. Only $425 down to get filed and get protected.  This allows you to get protected quickly and stop the calls.  For Chapter 13 cases we require a small down payment to get filed. The rest of the fees are put in the Chapter 13 payment plan.


Troy and Julie Gleason have been  bankruptcy lawyers, servicing Alsip, Illinois, for over 18 years.  We know the bankruptcy system. We practice 100% bankruptcy law. Nothing else.  Our Chapter 7 success rate is over 99.5%. We can put our experience to work for you.

Attorneys Answer Phones

Your call will be answered by Attorney Julie Gleason, Attorney Troy Gleason or Attorney David Gallagher.  All 3 of us are Illinois licensed  bankruptcy lawyers. We have years and years of experience.  Your call will not be answered by a clerk or paralegal.  The number one complaint we hear from people about other lawyers is that they can never get in contact with an actual lawyer at their law firm.  That will not happen if you hire Gleason and Gleason.

We Understand How the Bankruptcy Courts Work 

Our Alsip Bankruptcy Lawyers appear before all of the bankruptcy court judges and trustees on a daily basis.  We have handled over 10,000 Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy cases.

We Are Local

Gleason and Gleason has 3 convenient locations. Our offices are located in Downtown Chicago, Oak Lawn and Bolingbrook.  We have phone and office Appointments available.

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Gleason and Gleason reviews

5 Stars“Troy is nothing less than AMAZING! He took his time learning my issues, understanding my concerns, and helping me determine the best legal option for my situation. Working with Troy was great, as he was easily accessible and was always willing to answer any questions I had. I am now on the road to making better financial decision and i can not thank Troy and Gleason & Gleason enough!”   C.B.

Gleason and Gleason Google Review“I was in a tight bind, I had to do something! The creditors had frozen all my accounts, thank God for prepaid cards. My ex told me about Gleason & Gleason, I didn’t want the creditor to take what I had in my accounts I am a single mom of three. I immediately made an appointment to see Mrs. Gleason. She understood my situation and sympathized with me. Long story short, I had to be in court in 3wks with that creditor. I was terrified. I got my letter in the mail about my filing for a chapter 7 the day before court. Whew! Barely made it. I took the letter in to court and judge released my funds and they did not get a dime….oh an this creditor was seeking payment for something 12yrs old… Just crazy! I am so thankful for Gleason and Gleason they were a God send!
My ex husband has used them 3 times.”  -L.S.

Gleason and Gleason Google ReviewThe Absolute Best! Incredibly Fast,Affordable and Effective Relief, If you are considering Filing for Bankruptcy, Do yourself a favor and make Gleason & Gleason your 1st phone call, They were the ONLY lawyers I talked to that actually seemed to care and understand the situation I was in. I talked to at least 5 other lawfirms who didn’t seem to understand that I wasn’t able to pay their inflated overly High prices upfront before they would do anything for me. Hopefully this review will be found by people who were in my situation. I’m grateful for the services provided to me by Troy and Julie. – M.H.


 We are a debt relief agency. We help people file for relief under the Bankruptcy Code.

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